We offer brake repairs and braking system examinations to the highest standard.

How much do you value your life – and the lives of those travelling in the vehicle with you?  The braking system is one part of the car or vehicle that is a MUST to look after, as it’s what is going to stop the vehicle when you need to press the pedal.

What a lot of people tend to find as the braking system is in need of repair is that the pedal either goes ‘soft’ or ‘spongy’ or starts to shudder when pressed – or they get a total loss of pedal.  If you feel your car or vehicle does any of these things, please contact us to arrange a full brake system examination.

We can repair whatever brake faults are found, whether it be brake discs, pads or burst or broken brake pipes.

Brake repairs are normally charged at 1 hour labour charge plus the price of necessary parts to carry out the repairs.  These parts are sourced from our reliable suppliers usually with same day availability.  A choice of aftermarket parts or main dealer parts are available.

Contact us for a quote on 01698 426105 – 07757 129570 or complete the contact form below and we will reply within 24 hours with a competitive quote for your vehicle’s brake repairs.

Our mechanics garage is located on Cadzow Industrial Estate in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire – coming onto Strathaven Road and Low Waters Road, turn off at Cadzow Bridge roundabout and we’re next door to the Cadzow Tyres garage if you know the area. If not, please get directions to our garage from the interactive map below, or call us for any help or advice.

Cadzow Car Clinic

Cadzow Car Clinic is an independent mechanics garage based at Cadzow Industrial Estate, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. For all motor vehicle repairs, engine faults & rebuilds, engine management diagnostics, brake repairs, clutch repairs, exhaust repairs, MOT preparation & full car servicing. Call for a quote! Show us, or tell us, the EXACT price quote received, and we will give our best price quote on the repairs based on those specifications. We can also offer alternatives, which are often cheaper. Time scale for the work will also be confirmed at time of getting your quote for any car repairs work done at our mechanics garage in Cadzow Bridge Industrial Estate, Hamilton.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic4 weeks ago
This is a picture of a Renault megane 2011 model 1.6 petrol engine. Timing belt wasn't replaced at recommended millage results in the belt loosing teeth causing this damage to the cylinder head valves 8 exhaust bent. Need to remove the bent valves to access the head to see if it has been damaged.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic1 month ago
Treated my wee car to a valet with the new business opened up next door to me. Highly recommended.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic5 months ago
#Wheel alignment, #TRACKING. this is a picture for all the taxi friends out there. Quick track gauges in use.
Tracking usually takes 30 minutes or so. £25 share away folks.