We stock a small, but wide range of smaller car parts and accessories at our garage for our customers.  We try to be competitively priced with our stock, and are very often cheaper than other local shops and garages in Hamilton for car parts and accessories.

Car Batteries

Code 063 (40 AMP) – SMALL VEHICLES £50

Code 075 (60 AMP) – MEDIUM VEHICLES £70

Code 100 (70 AMP) – LARGE VEHICLES  – £80

Windscreen Wipers

A large range of windscreen wipers and sizes – from 14 inches to 24 inches.   Prices vary.

Price example – Front set of windscreen wipers supplied and fitted from £5.


car lightbulbs

All general, exterior and interior car lightbulbs are stocked at our garage.

Capless bulbs – normally for side lights and number plates.

Halogen bulbs – for headlights.

Indicator bulbs – for indicator lights.

Top + Tail bulbs – lightbulbs for rear of vehicle.

Single Core bulbs – used for rear side lights, etc..

Prices for lightbulbs vary and available on request.


Fuses for most car and vehicle types available, from 5 AMP upwards, for only £1.


We stock a full range of semi-synthetic and fully synthetic car engine oil, and we can supply in measures of 1 litre from only £5.

Our mechanics garage is located on Cadzow Industrial Estate in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire – coming onto Strathaven Road and Low Waters Road, turn off at Cadzow Bridge roundabout and we’re next door to the Cadzow Tyres garage if you know the area. If not, please get directions to our garage from the interactive map below, or call us for any help or advice.

Cadzow Car Clinic

Cadzow Car Clinic is an independent mechanics garage based at Cadzow Industrial Estate, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. For all motor vehicle repairs, engine faults & rebuilds, engine management diagnostics, brake repairs, clutch repairs, exhaust repairs, MOT preparation & full car servicing. Call for a quote! Show us, or tell us, the EXACT price quote received, and we will give our best price quote on the repairs based on those specifications. We can also offer alternatives, which are often cheaper. Time scale for the work will also be confirmed at time of getting your quote for any car repairs work done at our mechanics garage in Cadzow Bridge Industrial Estate, Hamilton.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic2 weeks ago
Short video of the engine getting started after fitting the #timming belt.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic2 weeks ago
Picture of the new timing belt fitted to the car now. Customer better hope for the best, it's time to turn the key to see if the engine has took any internal damage.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic2 weeks ago
This is a picture of a #chevrolet kalos. Snapped #timming #belt. It broke down and I looked at it yesterday to discover that the belt had snapped.