At our garage’s car service inspection, the car, van or vehicle will be given a full 50 point service check where we will check over the full car to make sure nothing is wrong with it – and no stone will be left unturned.

This 50 point service check will cover checks on brakes, tyres, exhausts, steering, suspension, lights, window wipers, engine and coolant system.  Cars need important checks to make sure the lubrications of the vehicle are satisfactory, as antifreeze acts as a coolant in both summer and winter.

We thoroughly check the braking system, front and back, and if your car or vehicle has got drums on the back we will remove and check on the condition of the brake shoes, clean up the brake shoes and drum before replacing them and also adjust the hand brake cable to suit.  Hand brake adjustments will be done on vehicles with both braking systems.

For all car services or vehicle servicing, we charge a one off fee & the price of service kit required for your specific vehicle.  This service kit would be spark plugs, pollen filter, oil filter & air filter, (and fuel filter at your request).  Engine oil is drained & replaced with fresh brand new oil from our suppliers or otherwise arranged by you for other specific brands.  Below are more details of the items in a standard car service kit, and their reasons for being part of any vehicle’s service inspection.

Getting a full car service inspection for your car or vehicle should be done at least once a year – whether summer or winter time, or whether it has done the recommended mileage or not since the last car service inspection.  Winter is a time when car service inspections are very popular – and recommended – due to the colder, wetter driving conditions that drivers have to contend with in the winter months.

For most people though, usually this annual car service happens around a car’s MOT renewal or MOT test as a pre MOT service.  Either way, getting a mechanics garage to service your car properly is something you really MUST do if you would like to keep a hassle free, reliable motor vehicle running to the highest standard throughout the year.

Engine Oil Change

Engine oil is a vital part of your engine service. It is important to choose quality engine oil of the correct specification for your vehicle set out by the manufacturer of the make & model of your vehicle.  You’ll definitely maximise the efficiency of your engine and extend your engine’s life by regularly having the engine oil & filter service carried out as this will most likely maximise the long life of the engine in your car. The function of engine oil is for 2 jobs within the engine, one is to lubricate the components within the engine block so that there is minimum friction of these components,  the correct specification oil set out by the manufacturer also protects against corrosion of engine components and cleans deposits and contaminants that can arise as by day to day running. these little fragments can cause a lot of damage if they are to build up with the oil reaching the end of its life.

Engine oil is also responsible for a large percentage of the cooling that takes place in your engine. as the engine can reach a temperature of 800 degrees during driving cycles.  The oil helps to keep the heat down buy up to 600 degrees if the oil is in good condition. This is why it is important to regularly change your engine oil at intervals set out, say that of 1 yr or 8000/10,000 miles per year which ever comes first.If there is a lot of short journeys carried out within the year of your last change it is more likely that the oil in your car will be full of contamination as the short journeys are not getting the full benefit of the of the strengths within the oil.  We always check this and the recommended level of oil required to reach the fill point of the car dipstick with our auto-data system during the servicing of the vehicles that we are working on at the time.If the wrong oil is put in the car this can cause a few different symptoms, the most likely things happening would be a sluggishness with lack of power or engine will not start or very smoky, white thick fumes coming out the exhaust system whilst the vehicle is idling.

Oil Filters

Oil filters are of a few different types, the most common are of a paper element that are contained within a plastic housing usually under the bonnet in the engine bay.  Some manufacturers have metal oil filters these are usually towards the back or front off engine block.

We have found oil leaks coming from the metal casing from a few of our customers’ vehicles during our servicing of the vehicle and notified them of this, and their reply usually is that they have noticed the oil light has being flashing on & off or they have noticed that they have been seeing a few patches off oil on the road or drive beneath where the car has been parked.

This is an important part off any car service.

Air Filters

All engines, whether large or small, require air intake to ignite where air and fuel mix together through mixture of good quality keeps the perfect idle ratio.  The air filter within your car should be changed at required mileage’s but on most car servicing we would recommend that this be changed during our servicing as this benefits the car receiving clean and fresh air almost instantly giving a good clean performance of the air intake side of your car.

Air filters are within a plastic channel under the bonnet with a square type box usually towards the left hand side of your engine bay on most European models.  Within this compartment is a paper element air filter with a rubber outlining keeping the shape required to suit the housing that is usually replaced on all our servicing unless instructed otherwise.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a vital part of a vehicle service as these are required to create a spark to ignite the air to fuel mixture as the mixture reaches the combustion chamber.  Spark plugs create a spark at the precise time as these mixtures that are controlled by the ECU to spark at the correct time would then created combustion.

If the spark plugs within your car are of poor quality they will not be sparking at the precise time, and therefore would create a stutter or judder whilst driving or car is difficult to start.  If these problems occur in your car it will usually throw the engine management light on as the ECU will detect a misfire.

Fuel Filter

As every car needs fuel, whether it be diesel or petrol, the fuel filter has a very important job to do.  Fuel filters are of a few different types the most common are of a paper element that are contained within a plastic housing usually under the bonnet in the engine bay.

Some manufacturers have metal fuel filters these are usually towards the back off car towards the fuel holding tank.The job of the fuel filter is to clean the fuel that is about to reach the injectors, as it is about to enter the engine to create combustion.  Dirty fuel filters will make your car run sluggish if this has not been changed for a few years.

For a car service on small cars and vehicles like Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 106 or Ford Fiesta for example, the car service charge is £60 & the price of service kit required for your specific vehicle.

For a car service on larger cars and vehicles like Vauxhall Vectra, Ford Mondeo, Saabs, BMWs and 4×4 vehicles, the service charge is £70 & the price of service kit required for your specific vehicle.

For a full car service in Hamilton, bring your car or vehicle to us at Cadzow Car Clinic. We are always thorough, and we also promise to match or beat any local quote!  To arrange a service inspection for your car or vehicle call us on 01698 426105 or 07757 129570, call in to our garage in Hamilton, or fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.

Our mechanics garage is located on Cadzow Industrial Estate in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire – coming onto Strathaven Road and Low Waters Road, turn off at Cadzow Bridge roundabout and we’re next door to Cadzow Tyres’ new garage if you know the area.  If not, please get directions to our garage from the interactive map below, or call us for any help or advice you need regarding your car service.

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This is a picture of a Renault megane 2011 model 1.6 petrol engine. Timing belt wasn't replaced at recommended millage results in the belt loosing teeth causing this damage to the cylinder head valves 8 exhaust bent. Need to remove the bent valves to access the head to see if it has been damaged.
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Treated my wee car to a valet with the new business opened up next door to me. Highly recommended.