Clutch Repair Costs

Clutch repairs on small cars like Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Ford Ka, Citreon C3, etc. our labour costs are typically £150 & clutch parts cost. For large cars like Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Vectra and 4×4 vehicles the labour costs are typically £250 & price of clutch parts.

For clutch repairs on larger commercial vehicles we charge an additional £75 for labour, as these are bigger and heavier vehicle parts and take longer to remove, repair and replace. For all clutch repairs, clutches can be supplied & fitted from the aftermarket parts range or requested as main dealer clutch parts.

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In all manual gearbox driven cars there is a part within the gearbox which is called the clutch system.  This is also known as the transmission, and there are 2 different systems within.  One is the manual system, and the other is hydraulic.

Manual Clutch System

There is a cable that operates a push fork, and as you press the clutch peddle it pulls the fork to enable the thrust bearing. A common fault with this system is the thrust bearing becoming worn causing noise or stickiness, this will result in the gears becoming tight when they are being selected. Through time, and mileage, if the clutch plate is becoming worn there is normally a sudden loss of power with the plate slipping which leads to the car being very weak or ‘sluggish’ when peddle is pressed asking for power, as say going up hills very slowly.

Hydraulic Clutch System

In the hydraulic clutch system there is a part that is called the concentric slave cylinder. This is operated by hydraulic pressure that is of brake fluid. As the clutch pedal is pressed, there is a surge of fluid that pushes the concentric slave cylinder towards the clutch pressure plate which enables the smooth selection of gears. On this system the common problem being that the concentric slave cylinder is worn, or brake fluid starts to leak from within the gearbox. You should notice this as the brake fluid light will come on in the dashboard area.

Clutch Plate Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Below is a short video showing a clutch plate hydraulic cylinder repair job recently carried out at our garage.


Clutch Pressure Plate Kit

Below is a short video showing the new LUK hydraulic clutch kit before being fitted onto a Vauxhall Zafira 2005 1.6 litre engine. The old clutch was collapsed and needed urgent replacement, as the car had broken down and needed recovery vehicle to bring to the garage.

We show the new clutch plate alongside the old collapsed clutch plate, then use an alignment tool for the alignment of the spline shaft on the gear box before installing the clutch plate to the fly wheel, as shown in the next video on fitting the new clutch pressure plate onto the vehicle.


Fitting A Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement

Below is a short video showing a clutch pressure plate replacement job recently carried out at our garage on a Vauxhall Zafira.

After removal of the old collapsed clutch, cleaning up the fly wheel and preparing the area to install the replacement new clutch pressure plate. As shown, the clutch fly wheel has dowels for correct alignment of the pressure plate. Central alignment is done first, then each screw hole on the plate is aligned for bolts to be inserted correctly. We use an alignment tool specially designed for the alignment of the spline shaft on the gear box before installing the clutch plate to the fly wheel, as shown at the end of the previous clutch kit video.


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Cadzow Car Clinic

Cadzow Car Clinic is an independent mechanics garage based at Cadzow Industrial Estate, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. For all motor vehicle repairs, engine faults & rebuilds, engine management diagnostics, brake repairs, clutch repairs, exhaust repairs, MOT preparation & full car servicing. Call for a quote! Show us, or tell us, the EXACT price quote received, and we will give our best price quote on the repairs based on those specifications. We can also offer alternatives, which are often cheaper. Time scale for the work will also be confirmed at time of getting your quote for any car repairs work done at our mechanics garage in Cadzow Bridge Industrial Estate, Hamilton.
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#Wheel alignment, #TRACKING. this is a picture for all the taxi friends out there. Quick track gauges in use.
Tracking usually takes 30 minutes or so. £25 share away folks.
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Cadzow Car Clinic4 months ago
Little bit of time spent on the carrier with a file to get it cleaner for the new pads to fit properly and help the car to brake properly.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic4 months ago
This is the brake pads carrier from the ford focus notice how dirty it has become.