Electrical Faults and Electric Repairs

Electrical faults on cars and vehicles are very common these days, and we see a huge variety of electric problems on most types of vehicles – from engine motor issues to fuse box problems to engine management faults.

The first car shown above was a Citroen c3 2012 which had a lot of electrical issues.  The dashboard warning lights were lighting up everywhere – ABS light, battery light, engine management light, airbag light just to mention a few.

With a little investigation & diagnosis we found the main fuse box of the car had suffered a lot of water damage corrosion causing a few of the main pins to break off & stick themselves within the plug causing the ECU massive problems as it was picking up on all of these faults saying things were going on which weren’t.

To repair these electric faults on the car quickly, we ordered up the new replacement fuse box dug out the broken pins & fitted new fuse box within 24 hours – solving the engine management light problems.

The next car shown with electrical faults is a Renault Clio 2007 – the problem with this car was that it just wouldn’t start off the key.  It was as if the battery was dead or the starter wasn’t engaging, if you pushed the car it would bump start no problems, would run all day no problems – other than the abs light being on constantly on the dashboard.

Further investigation using engine diagnostic machine to communication with the ABS control module to find the fault code or possible fault related information, we were only getting fault related to no signal for ABS control module.  We then found that the electric fuse relay plate was blown and this was what was the cause of the non-starting by key & the ABS warning light issue.  Again, we ordered our customer the replacement electric fuse relay plate, delivered next day, (as a dealer only part), fit the new part and all electric faults are resolved.

The other car with electric faults shown above was Renault Clio 2004.  This car had airbag related issues, the airbag light on the dashboard was always on, so running an engine management diagnostic check was vital.  We run the diagnostics test on the Renault to discover that there were 2 issues – a problem with the airbag deactivation switch on the passenger door was faulty with no signal, and there was a problem with a crash sensor situated down the side of drivers seat, again no signal usually caused with water damage at this point.

For any car electrical faults and repairs – including engine management diagnostics, please contact us for a price quote and time estimate.  We guarantee to provide the cheapest price quote for car and vehicle electrical faults and engine diagnostics in Hamilton.

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Cadzow Car Clinic

Cadzow Car Clinic is an independent mechanics garage based at Cadzow Industrial Estate, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. For all motor vehicle repairs, engine faults & rebuilds, engine management diagnostics, brake repairs, clutch repairs, exhaust repairs, MOT preparation & full car servicing. Call for a quote! Show us, or tell us, the EXACT price quote received, and we will give our best price quote on the repairs based on those specifications. We can also offer alternatives, which are often cheaper. Time scale for the work will also be confirmed at time of getting your quote for any car repairs work done at our mechanics garage in Cadzow Bridge Industrial Estate, Hamilton.
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Cadzow Car Clinic4 weeks ago
This is a picture of a Renault megane 2011 model 1.6 petrol engine. Timing belt wasn't replaced at recommended millage results in the belt loosing teeth causing this damage to the cylinder head valves 8 exhaust bent. Need to remove the bent valves to access the head to see if it has been damaged.
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Cadzow Car Clinic1 month ago
Treated my wee car to a valet with the new business opened up next door to me. Highly recommended.
Cadzow Car Clinic
Cadzow Car Clinic5 months ago
#Wheel alignment, #TRACKING. this is a picture for all the taxi friends out there. Quick track gauges in use.
Tracking usually takes 30 minutes or so. £25 share away folks.