Our engine management diagnostics tool and software will work on any make or model of car, from Ford to BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Citreon, Mercedes, Toyota, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Vauxhall, etc..

If your motor car’s engine management system light (EML) is on, or ABS light for example, we can plug in our engine diagnostics tool and run the AutoData software to find out what the issue or problem is with the vehicle, and fix it.

First of all, we would plug in our engine management diagnostics tool into the car and into our laptop to get the specific error codes and information from the engine control unit (ECU).  Then, we use our Auto Data software and diagnose exactly what the problem is with the car or vehicle using this information.

Here is a video, showing a Nissan Almera having the ECU checked using our engine diagnostics tool.  We then check the fault codes to identify the possible causes of the fault, and get to work fixing the issue.


ABS Warning Light

On vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), a second warning light is provided to warn if a problem occurs within the ABS system. The ABS lamp comes on when the ignition is turned on for a bulb check, then goes out after the engine starts. If the ABS warning light remains on or comes on while driving, it indicates a fault has occurred in the ABS system.

What happens next depends on the nature of the fault. On most applications, the ABS system disables itself if the ABS warning light comes on and remains on. This should have no effect on normal braking. Even so, ABS will NOT be available in an emergency situation or when braking on a wet or slick surface.

CAUTION: If the brake warning light also comes on and remains on while the ABS warning light is on, it signals a serious problem. Your vehicle may not be safe to drive. The brakes and ABS system should be inspected immediately to determine the nature of the problem!

If the ABS light comes on momentarily then goes out, the nature of the problem is usually minor and the ABS system usually remains fully operational. Some vehicle manufacturers call this kind of fault a “nonlatching” fault (meaning it isn’t serious enough to disable the ABS system).

ABS Warning Light

Regardless of the type of fault that occurred to trigger the ABS warning lamp, a special “code” is recorded in the ABS module’s memory to aid in diagnosing the problem. On some vehicles this code can be retrieved by putting the ABS system into a special diagnostic mode. The code is then flashed out through the ABS warning lamp. The code number refers to a diagnostic chart in a service manual that must be followed to pinpoint the faulty component. On other applications, a special “scan tool” must be plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic connector to read out the fault code.

Diagnosing ABS problems requires a fair amount of knowledge and expertise (as well as special equipment in many applications), so this job is best left to a competent professional.

We charge £30 plug in fee for a diagnostic with this machine.  This procedure normally takes about 15-20 minutes.  Whether it be from the engine management light itself to the ABS light to the air bags or air conditioning, we cover it all with the launch system.

Airbag Light Faults

Below are some images from a recent diagnostics job on a Renault Clio, where the airbag light was permanently ‘on’ showing a permanent fault.  The airbag crash sensor had obvious water damage and corrosion build up.  We also discovered a fault with the airbag deactivation switch.  We fitted a new crash sensor and deactivation switch to correct the fault – and stopped the airbag light from lighting on dashboard display.

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Below are some example images and screenshots of the anti brake system (ABS) warning light, engine management lights and our engine diagnostics tool.

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#Wheel alignment, #TRACKING. this is a picture for all the taxi friends out there. Quick track gauges in use.
Tracking usually takes 30 minutes or so. £25 share away folks.
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Little bit of time spent on the carrier with a file to get it cleaner for the new pads to fit properly and help the car to brake properly.
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Cadzow Car Clinic4 months ago
This is the brake pads carrier from the ford focus notice how dirty it has become.